Product Snapshot Sample

Brightkey launched its first designer partnership in November with the PANTONE® Fall 2014 theme collection. We followed up with the December launch of Marsala, named the PANTONE® Color of the Year 2015, and a new collection honoring previous Color of the Year picks from 2000 through 2015.   (You can easily review and purchase the colors you like or the full collection in the main Brightkey app > Themes)

With PANTONE’s® reach across many fields, including fashion and design, and authority in color trends, we knew the marriage of Brightkey + PANTONE® would be awesome and we’re thrilled with the experience.  Of course, one aspect of working with designer brands is being true to the style of our partners.  To that end, we would like to explain the signature PANTONE® chip and why it’s an integral part of the Brightkey + PANTONE® theme collections.

The PANTONE® chip is an area included in PANTONE® products that displays the registered PANTONE® brand mark, the color name, and color number. For example, our friends at Theo Chocolates in Seattle created a limited edition PANTONE® Marsala 18-1438 chocolate bar (organic, fair trade and delicious by the way) with the PANTONE® chip on the label ( and the PANTONE® Colorwear clothing line ( includes the same information on each piece.

The PANTONE® chip serves several purposes, including being the brand mark and sign of genuine licensed PANTONE® offerings, but more importantly, it represents PANTONE’s® proprietary system for communicating exact color information. This ensures that whether you are designing a chocolate, a sweater, a keyboard, or any other object, the producers are using the exact shade you intend for them to use.  It’s not an advertisement.  We view it as an authentic representation of the PANTONE® brand in the digital world. It is truly an honor for Brightkey to welcome new users to the PANTONE® brand and the heritage that accompanies the PANTONE® chip.