New from Brightkey, the Wood Collection, editable Quick-fire™ messages

Dear Brightkey Fans,

We’re excited to announce that our latest release (version 1.1 for those who are interested), is now available in the Apple App store. We listened to all of your comments on Twitter and in your App Store reviews, and this release addresses some of your most popular requests, including more themes, and the ability to customize the Quick-fire messages. We also fixed some irritating bugs, and spiffed up our auto-correct (if we get it wrong, just hit the backspace and we’ll automatically undo the correction, try it out!!).

The Wood Collection

twitter instream photo - 5keyboards (1)

We’ve included a new collection of 5 new Wood-toned themes, and we think you’re going to love them. They bring a natural, calming vibe to your hectic day, and you can choose from light wood tones all the way to deep mahogany and chocolate tones. Let us know which one is your favorite!  App Store reviews are great but if you prefer email, contact us at or @brightkeyapp on Twitter – @brightkeyapp will work too!

Customizing the Quick-fire messages


With this release, you can now customize the Quick-fire messages that appear beneath the keyboard. You can edit the existing messages, or create a brand new one. To edit, just open the Brightkey App, tap on ‘Keyboard Settings’, and then ‘Quick-fire Messages’. People are coming up with really clever uses for these messages. It’s a great place to save things you don’t want to re-type, like your phone number, your address, a link to a web page. Be creative!

An undo button for Auto-correct

With every release, we’re working to improve the accuracy of our auto-correct tool so that you don’t have to worry about fixing common typos. But sometimes you actually intended to type a word a certain way, and you need a quick way to undo the auto-correction. We’ve developed a really simple way to do this – just hit the backspace button, and voilà, your word returns to exactly the way you typed it!

Coming soon – more themes and features!

We are already hard at work our next few releases which will include even more themes, new features, and support for more languages and keyboard formats. In the mean time, have fun with the new Wood themes and with making the Quick-fire messages your own! Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback, keep it coming on Twitter! (@brightkeyapp)