Company Overview

Brightkey Limited is the designer of Brightkey Keyboard, the popular third party virtual keyboard for Apple’s iOS 8 operating system. iOS is the system software for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices, of which there are 800 million worldwide.

Brightkey Keyboard launched alongside iOS 8 on September 17, 2014, being one of the first third party keyboards on Apple’s App Store.  Two days later, Brightkey celebrated its launch by serving coffee and donuts in iPhone 6 lines outside 12 different Apple retail store locations. Brightening the day of thousands of Apple fans waiting in line, Brightkey Brand Ambassadors were able to demonstrate and promote the product to early adopters.


Brightkey Keyboard offers users:

  • Designer Themes – with brands like PANTONE ® and Secret Garden
  • Awesome Features such as Sliding Cursor Control, Quick-Fire™ Messages, and Un-Autocorrect
  • Auto Everything – including Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Period, and Autocorrect – all user configurable.


Brightkey Keyboard is a Freemium product with full feature functionality and a beautiful visual aesthetic. Thirteen keyboard themes (5 colors, 5 woods, and 3 metals) are included and have been designed to match all iPhone models, including Gold, Silver, and Space Gray styles as well as the 5c color range.  Designer keyboard themes, including licensed brands such as PANTONE®, are available as in-app purchases. This allows users to extend the keyboard themes, a pervasive UI element, to match their fashion, mood or style. To download Brightkey Keyboard, visit

Brightkey Keyboard has received incredible feedback from users and media worldwide. This is especially true in the design community where the Brightkey + PANTONE® partnership has billed Brightkey as the first designer keyboard brand. This is supported by downloads in 175 different countries, coverage in trend publications like Design Milk and Apartment Therapy, and inclusion in Apple’s curated “Add New Keyboards” list, a group that primarily includes software ported from the Android ecosystem.


Thank you for your interest in Brightkey!